About us

Founded back in 1978, Bergman Painting is one of the best and probably the oldest painting contractor in Forest Hills, PA. With a knowledgeable crew and an arsenal of tools behind us, we guarantee complete satisfaction for every painting project we deliver. On top of that, Bergman Painting also offer highly competitive prices and numerous discounts on a daily basis.

Goals and objectives.
We strive to meet every clients expectations for every painting job, no matter the level of complexity. Although we started as a small company, we quickly developed and became a reputable painting contractor in the entire Forest Hills, PA area. Our goal is to offer unparalleled packages at fair prices so that every home or business owner can take advantage of our services.

Team and experience.
Our team consists only of highly trained and educated workers. We pay extra attention when we hire any new members, and we make sure they are skilled professionals. Furthermore, we teach each and every painter from our team to be friendly, polite and respectful towards your property.

Experience is not an issue for us. We have been in this business for over 35 years, proving that we are indeed a reliable painting contractor. During this period, we have worked on many projects and have made a lot of people happy with our services.

We provide a wide range of services, all available for residential and commercial clients alike. Whether you’re looking for an interior painter, an exterior paint job, a color consultant or a simple deck staining, Bergman Painting is always ready to serve you. All you have to do is call (412) 427-3512 and leave the professionals to take care of the rest.

Bergman Painting
Address: 4074 Greensburg Pike Forest Hills, PA 15221
Phone: (412) 427-3512